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Garden design in the North-West of England

The garden is more than just the area of land around your house. It is what welcomes you home and what you see from your windows, where you spend time with your family and when the sun shines the place you can relax and entertain your friends.

If your garden is important to you then investing in a detailed design, be it of the whole garden or even if you are just thinking of a particular area within it will reap dividends (and save a lot of head-scratching) in future years as your garden develops and grows.

With over 15 years experience of designing and building gardens you can be confident that I will be able to understand your requirements and be able to produce a design that will balance them with the myriad of elements that will make your's a beautiful garden.

I am based on the borders of Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Please contact me so that we may discuss how I can assist you with your project, I am always happy to help. (by email click here)

Garden Design


I can provide plans to the detail required from a simple outline concept to more detailed construction plans.

I have a preference for locally sourced materials and as such I will not specify Indian Sandstone in any of my designs.